Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sid n Sam's E-Waste Efforts

My sons Sidhanth & Samarth (who've just completed 7th grade and 4th grade resp.) have been pretty active this past year spreading awareness about e-waste (what is e-waste? why is it harmful? what can ordinary citizens do?) in their neighbourhood (Sadashivanagar) as well as their school here in Bangalore. (Read it in Sidhanth's own words on his blog).

Sid and Sam spoke to every class about it. Sid made posters and set up collection boxes in school - one in the Elementary and one in the Senior school, and Sam co-ordinated collections in the Elementary school.

They have connected with a local voluntary organization that co-ordinates e-waste collection in Bangalore called Saahas, for dropping off the collections from the neighbourhood and their school. Saahas even invited them on a field trip to e-Parisaraa - Bangalore's only e-waste re-cycling center.

Here's a short video Sidhanth made on Animoto that describes in 30 seconds their E-Waste Efforts. Way to go, boys!

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Varnika said...

Sid and Sam, a great effort in your part. Good Work!!