Monday, December 10, 2007

Podcasting with Purpose

I've been thinking of venturing into the realm of podcasting for a while now. I even created an account on a podcast sharing site called PodcastPeople about 6 months ago. When the English Language department head at Mallya Aditi International School approached me to document the High School English Seminar held on Dec 10 and 11th, I was presented the perfect opportunity to give podcasting a try.

I worked in Garageband to add a jingle and a short 'podcast-style' intro to the audio recording of the first session of the seminar, and created my first podcast 'episode', which I then uploaded to PodcastPeople.

Check out this episode in which high school students discuss the issue of rising violence among affluent youth in urban India....

On MAIS High School English Seminar - Session 1 Podcast

On iTunes: MAIS High School English Seminar - Session 1 Podcast on iTunes