Wednesday, January 07, 2009

'Education and Technology' Podcast in Science Magazine

In this Science magazine special podcast on education and technology, Professor Chris Dede of the Harvard Graduate School of Education talks about "immersive interfaces for learning." In the podcast, Dede explains what educators mean by "immersive interfaces" and the idea of leveraging a digital immersive environment for educating the "iKids" of today.

The companion article in Science (requires a subscription to read the full text), which Dede says is "about a set of opportunities that a particular type of interface represents and the opportunities [it presents]," explores his research on the intersection of education and virtual worlds through HGSE projects like River City and Harvard Augmented Reality Project (HARP).

Research in education on immersive interfaces like River City and HARP could potentially have a profound impact on the use of video and other multi-user virtual gaming environments in the context of ubiquitous learning in the coming decades.

This particular podcast also covers a story on how a new home e-learning system is leveling the educational playing field in Korea.