Thursday, September 27, 2007

Social Bookmarking Within A School Community

This workshop was a long time coming...It had been cooking in my head ever since I posted the article - "On the Social Side of Bookmarking" - on this blog well over a year ago. [That article serves as a good guideline for anyone who'd like to set up something along similar lines for their school (or department or any other group or community, for that matter)].

40 teachers of Aditi participated in what was a good intro to the idea of tagging and bookmarking for easy storage, retrieval, organization and sharing. Discussion around common accounts for the school to share bookmarks among teachers and between teachers and students, and finally developing a common vocabulary, and shared rules for tagging - by grade and subject especially, made for a useful, productive session that will hopefully mark the beginning of efficient internet searching and sharing of ideas among teachers and students.

The idea of folksonomies demonstrated by clicking on users who had bookmarked the same website, and then going through their bookmarks -and finding some useful sites in the process - was truly a 'wow' moment during the workshop.

Browser buttons for tagging and viewing have now been installed on every machine in the school. 20 new bookmarks have been added to the school account in the 1 day since the workshop.

It's working :) Go!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Lexicon of Learning

A handy tool for educators, this dictionary on the ASCD website contains an alphabetical list of words/phrases that will tell you "What Educators Mean When They Say... "

The focus seems to be on school (K-12) education. Unfortunately, the list is US centric with terms like "Brown v. Board of Education", "California Achievement Tests", "Channel 1", and " church-state separation". I think about 30% of the words/phrases are not of relevance to educators outside of the US.

A handy reference nonetheless.