Thursday, July 06, 2006

On The Social Side of Bookmarking...A Delicious Idea for Teachers & Schools

Consider the following issues teachers in our school (and I’m sure elsewhere as well) are dealing with when trying to use resources on the Internet ---

  1. They search for websites appropriate for a particular topic they are teaching. They would like to share these with their students in school, but the links sit bookmarked on their computers at home.

  2. The teachers identify certain useful sites on a computer in school or at home, and bookmark them, but do not have access to the same machine all the time.

  3. Technology teachers and integration specialists working with teachers in school identify certain useful websites for the teachers they’re working with and need a convenient mechanism to share these with them.

  4. Teachers of different grades/subjects would like to be able to know what websites other teachers teaching the same subject have found useful in their teaching. If only there were an accessible “database” of useful web links that their colleagues have used or found potentially useful, (as opposed to some the links some strangers somewhere half-way across the globe found useful.)

For all this and more, to the rescue!

Here’s how it would work---

  • The tech. staff would set up a common account for the school community to maintain a handy, accessible database of useful web links, as well as for facilitating easy sharing among teachers, tech corordinators, students and anyone else in the school community who would benefit from access to this set of links.
    For example, a account with an appropriately friendly username such as “tech_(school-name)” or “weblinks_for_(school-name)” would be set up.

  • The username and password would be shared with the teaching community.

  • Teachers who wish to add a web link to share with students or other teachers, would login and add to the list.

Voila! Teachers now have easy access from anywhere – home, classroom, computer lab, …to this wealth of contextual, school-appropriate set of web links at username has been set up)

Now for the tagging bit (which is basically a form of information organization, where you associate keywords with any web link)---

  • The weblinks added on need to be ‘tagged’ appropriately for search-and-access by the users themselves or even the community-at-large (after all “social tagging” is the big idea!).

  • In the case of a school community, teachers could tag the web link with keywords indicative of grade level(s), subject, or topic… that the web link could be used for.

  • Teachers wanting to share links with their students, could use and tag a set of links s/he may have identified from the existing list, or added to the list. In this case, the tags could be indicative of the topic or something the teachers and students arrive at jointly.

Having a common understanding, and perhaps even shared “rules” (among teachers and students), of the semantics and syntax used for tagging, would, of course, be key, to making this type of sharing a success.

There are other 'folksonomic' tools such as Clipmarks that do much the same thing as (but I have not tried them yet). There is also a another - wider - aspect to this type of "social tagging" - that which deals with your connection to others across the globe who have tagged the same link as you (most likely other teachers or educators with similar interests), but I'll save that for another post.


Zephyr said...

Very apt post. You probably are going to follow up with some stuff on some tools to work with ?
at the very least, you need active channel (assuming most people are using IE)

Shuchi Grover said...

Yes, of course. Guess I missed that bit - thanks for pointing out.

Tech staff could set up the IE active channel (yes, IE is the browser on all our school computers at least); or at the very least would install buttons for the IE browsers on all the school computers. Teachers may install them on their laptops/machines at home as well. I believe the new IE and yahoo toolbars come bundled these buttons.

(Will edit my post to add this info.)

Martha Ellyn said...

Thank you for your post. I belong to a listserve of nearly 4000 Advanced Placement Literature and Language teachers and as a summer project, have been trying to compile a list of sites for us, a task that has clearly become Mt. Everest, and I wasn't looking forward to keeping the list current. sounds perfect as a way for us to find and share our links. I posted your post on our listserve and now several of us are working to put their bookmarks into Thank you for the helpful information.

Shuchi Grover said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement, Martha. Good Luck with your mammoth project.

Boring said...

What about just using a site like for personal sites? It's already there, free, and easy.