Friday, March 17, 2006


No conversation about blogs in education is complete without at least a mention of the blog dedicated solely to the subject - Weblogg-ed.

Other sites worthy of note - - for setting up free blogs on education.

Schoolblogs, also a free service for educational blogs and set up on the Manila platform, has great features (a discussion board for asynchronous threaded discussions, and the ability to upload files & links), but it seems to be plagued by technical issues - it is slow and downtimes are frequent. (I even set up the PPSE group blog and "bulletin board" there at first, but we had to abandon it due to these recurring technical problems).


a.v.koshy said...

weblogg-ed is a beautiful site - try education in blogspot as keyword and you get many other good blogs

Shuchi Grover said...

True, Koshy. Many blogs devoted to the subject of education; but Weblogg-ed is not just a blog on education, but a blog specifically about the use of blogs in education.