Tuesday, March 14, 2006

iDiscoveri Ed Offerings

While on the subject of quality education for educators in India --

iDiscoveri is also launching 2 Post-Graduate Diploma programs (*note* in India 'undergraduate' is refered to as 'graduate' and 'graduate' as 'post-graduate') - one in Innovative Teaching and one in Educational Leadership.

The organization has grown to be a force to reckon with and is certainly living its vision of reviving education in India. (Incidentally, the CEO and one program head were in my Ed.M. class at Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2001-2002). The PG courses on education are obviously in answer to the crying need for such programs in India.

Unfortunately, none of these new programs have any course offerings on the use of technology in education. It's time for someone to wake up to that reality and address that need as well - I'll be happy to offer my services to the cause...


Zephyr said...

Have you come across this
http://www.newhorizons.org/trans/international/rudolph.htm ?
While not exactly along the lines you are thinking (more focussed on technology for the educatee rather than the educator), still some stuff where there could be overlap ?

Zephyr said...

Apologies if this is irrelevant - but the latest from Sabeer Bhatia (http://blogeverywhere.com) seems to offer some very interesting possibilities in education. trivially, Imagine an online class where a web page in some sense integrates student blogs (easy example cud be the page has a test; the blogs the student's answers to it)
nice way to join even discussion on stuff one blogs - imagine a set of students collaboratively writing a paper ...
food for thought

Shuchi Grover said...

Yes I have come across Steven Rudolph's article - it is one of the top hits in Google if you punch in keywords "technology integration education India"!.

Agreed - similar, but slightly different angle on tech in ed in India. Would love to get my hands on his IT syllabus and the teacher training manual, and of course, actually see those teachers in action. On paper, several organizations have trained thousands, nay millions, of teachers on how to use technology in education in India. Why, Intel boasts of a number around 5,24,050 !! http://www.educationinindia.net/html/teach.htm.

I am in daily contact with teachers who have been trained by Intel over the last 5 years and see first-hand how much technology is used and how (and this is in top urban private schools where they have the resources and freedom to design their curriculum)...Many of my "enabling conditions" in an earlier post have been borne out of seeing the classroom reality of these teachers.