Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is Cuil Cool(er)?

Cuil (pronounced "cool") - is all the buzz since its launch yesterday.

A new, and purportedly "better" search engine than Google, started by ex-Googlers, has received much press (odd term to use in the context of the Internet, I guess) in the past 24-48 hours.

Here are a few links -
I will reserve my own comments until I have tried it out some more. I do like the look of the results pages, if only because they are a welcome change from the usual style of results pages on Google and other commonly used search engines.

A search on "Isaac Newton" (well, yes, my son was sitting next to me at the time) - threw up interesting results and interestingly laid out as well. The very first result is a german site! There were of course tabs that organized the results and the neat "Explore by category" widget on the right. Check it out...

On the other hand - a search on "cuil" on both Google and Cuil was super interesting. The search engine did not feature anywhere in its own search results, whereas it was top of the heap on Google! Go figure!

By the way, I do believe Cuil's claim that they crawl through more of the Internet. Why? Well, I came across an academic publication (that has my name among the authors) in the archives of University libraries that I had never seen in Google searches before (yes, I did compare how my "vanity search" results stack up :-))


Anonymous said...

Hi, Cuil have time to prove what it is. Until that we cannot say about Cuil. I also write a post about in my blog at www.digisteps.com

Sheetal said...

I guess cuil throws in sad results. I tried for a number of queries and it didn't give me what I wanted. Google did. I think it is very difficult to match the standards Google has set and we hope someone gets it right.

I was reading about Indian blogs and came through your blog. Nice foray into education. Is your blog at blogadda.com?

Shuchi Grover said...

Hemu & Sheetal - Yes, it's going to be one helluva tough act that will displace Google from the #1 spot :) and I'm not sure if Cuil is it..

I've added my blog to blogadda.com - it may take a while to be approved and show up. Thanks for the tip, Sheetal.

Purvi said...

I agree with Sheetal. I have been trying out Cuil for a couple of weeks now and am disappointed.
1. Its slower than google
2. Almost every search had wikipedia at the first result.
3. Tries typing in Olympics and the first thing that shows up on google was the medal count of the Beijing games. On Cuil random information about the Olympics.

If Cuil really wants to compete with google, it better pull its socks up and change something.