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"The art and science of harnessing mass collaboration for innovation and growth" is (roughly) how Don Tapscott describes the term Wikinomics.

For many of us (especially educators interested and involved in issues of technology in education) Don Tapscott's 1987 work Growing Up Digital: The Rise of the Net Generation was mandatory reading in our professional studies. Tapscott's new book Wikinomics:How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything (co-authored with Anthony D. Williams) may well become required reading for students of economics, business management, commerce and for just about anyone wanting to engage actively the ideas of openness and collaboration that this new web is fostering.

"In its latest incarnation, the World Wide Web has become a communal experience—collaborators from anywhere and any walk of life now have the ability to solve problems and produce results through the use of collective wisdom. Although some business leaders may find the prospect of this kind of openness rather frightening, Tapscott believes that leveraging the new wave of community is the way of the future." [Source: Harvard Business Review]

All of us here on this forum for educators too are a part of this new culture of collaboration and dialogue, and "community", that these new authoring and publishing tools of the web have afforded us.

Our teens and youth are a part of it already - through their social networks on orkut, hi5 and others. For those of us teachers with access to the Internet in our schools, how we teach must change as well to use the opportunities that the new web affords for student collaboration, as well as publishing and sharing student work - to prepare our next generation for a world that will be governed to a large extent by Wikinomics.

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Shuchi Grover said...

More on this from the blog of a fellow BITSian (in fact batchmate at BITS)...Wikinomics: How Mass-Collaboration Changes Everything. Check out the interesting video links in the post.